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Cunningham Site (Book Cover)The Cunningham Site: An Early Late Woodland Occupation in the American Bottom (Madison County, Illinois).
Edited by Michael C. Meinkoth, Kristin Hedman, and Dale McElrath

Transportation Archaeological Research Reports, Vol. 9
ISBN 1-930487-02-9, 338 pages

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Book Description

Archaeological investigations were undertaken in 1992-93 at the location of the proposed Glendale Gardens Upland Reservoir in Madison County, Illinois. Subsequent testing and mitigation resulted in the identification of two major archaeological sites to be impacted, the Vaughn Branch site and the Cunningham site.

This report concerns the results of investigations at the Cunningham site. The site contained over 100 features, including at least four domestic structures. All features encountered were excavated in their entirety. The recovered materials include significant ceramic, lithic, floral, and faunal remains.

The site is interpreted as a single-component early Late Woodland occupation dating to A.D. 400-500, based on ceramic and lithic comparisons with other sites and several radiocarbon determinations. The results of analysis of recovered materials is presented, and the site is evaluated in terms of the insight it provides regarding local, regional, and greater Midwestern prehistory.