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Papers in Honor of Robert L. HallA Deep-Time Perspective: Studies in Symbols, Meaning, and the Archaeological Record
Papers in Honor of Robert L. Hall
Edited by John D. Richards and Melvin L. Fowler

Wisconsin Archeologist
Volume 84, No. 1 & 2

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Table of Contents

Robert L. Hall: An Intellectual Pilgrimage in American Archaeology by Melvin L. Fowler

Publications and Papers of Robert LL. Hall

Ideology and Social Organization in Ohio Hopewell Societies by Richard Yerkes

On the Meaning of Effigy Mounds by Robert A. Birmingham and Amy Rosebrough

Pictographic Compositions at Tainter Cave in Southwestern Wisconsin by Robert F. Bozhardt

Cahokia: Circles, Calendars, Corn, and Cosmology by Melvin L. Fowler

Crossing Boundaries Between Worlds: Changing Beliefs and Mortuary Practices at Cahokia by Thomas E Emerson

The Cahokia Mound 72-Sub 1 Burials as Collective Representation by James A. Brown

A Meteor, A Mirror, A Metaphor by Donald J. Blakeslee

The Context of the Post Pit and Meaning of the Sacred Pole at the East St. Louis Mound Group by John E. Kelly

Mississippian Alkali Processing of Corn by Elizabeth D. Benchley

Collars, Castellations, and Cahokia: A Regional Perspective on the Aztalan Ceramic Assemblage by John D. Richards

Harmony in the Cahokia World by George R. Holley and John A. Koepke

Langford and Fisher Ceramic Traditions: Moiety, Ethnicity or Power Relations in the Upper Midwest? by Robert J. Jeske

Spheres of Interaction and Late Prehistory in the Northern Mississippi Valley by Roland L. Rodell

Cambria and the Initial Middle Missouri Variant Revisited by Dale R. Henning and Dennis L. Toom

The Late Late Woodland Leviathan and at he Mississippian Juggernaut in Southern Wisconsin: New Perspectives on Age Old Questions by George W. Christiansen III

I should Have Dug Red Banks: Winnebago and Menominee Ethnicity, Identity, and Homelands by Patricia B. Richards

The Symbolism of Warfare by Lawrence H. Keeley

A Mohican Meets Mesoamericans by Alice B. Kehoe and F. Kent Reilly, III

Commentary: Robert L. Hall at the Edge of Knowledge by Lynne Goldstein