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Mound 72 AreaThe Mound 72 Area: Dedicated and Sacred Space in Cahokia.
Melvin L. Fowler, Jerome Rose, Barbara Vander Leest, and Steven R. Ahler

ISM Reports of Investigations 54

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Platform Mounds
Conical Mounds
Ridge-top Mounds

Chapter 2. Natural Stratigraphy
Sediment Stratigraphy in the Feature 1 (PP1) Area
Stratigraphic Data from 1991, 1992, and 1993 Investigations

Chapter 3. Primary Mounds in Mound 72
Mound 72Sub1
Mound 72Sub2
Ridge-top 72

Chapter 4. Premound Features
Post Pits
Feature 107
Wall Trench Structure
Other Mound Features

Chapter 5. Chronology
Feature 1
Feature 205-North Midden
Feature 227
Feature 229
Uncalibrated Radiocarbon Chronology of Mound 72
Calibration of Mound 72 Radiocarbon Assays
Ceramic Periods and Age of Mound 72

Chapter 6. Mortuary Data and Analysis
Skeletal Analysis
Data Description
Sexual Dimorphism
Dental Morphology

Chapter 7. The Ceramic Assemblage
Ceramic Distribution within the Mound
General Description of the Ceramic Assemblage
Comparative Analyses
Whole Vessels
Association of Ceramics with Mound Features
Ceramics as Grave Goods

Chapter 8. Projectile Point Caches
Introduction and Hypotheses
Description of the Caches and their Contexts
Morphological Classification and Point Typology
Hypothesis Testing
Interpretation of the Test Implications

Chapter 9. Lithic Debitage from Cahokia Mound 72
Description of Lithic Industries
General Analysis of Industries
Construction Stage Analysis of the NPP Assemblage
Comparison with Projectile Point Assemblage

Chapter 10. Stone, Shell, Copper, and Other Artifacts
Chunkey Stones
Artifacts Made of Shell
Rolled Sheet Copper
Miscellaneous Artifacts Found with Burials
Vegetal Materials

Chapter 11. Mound 72 and Woodhenge 72
Woodhenge 72
Testing Methods
1991, 1992, and 1993 Archaeological Investigations
Relationship of Mound 72 to Woodhenge 72
Mound 72, Woodhenge 72, and other Monuments at Cahokia

Chapter 12. Overview and Setting
Chiefdoms and Monuments
Mound 72 and Elite Monuments
The Setting

Chapter 13. In the Beginning - Woodhenge 72

Chapter 14. Mound 72 - A Commemoration of Chiefly Power and Sacred
The Solstice Mounds
Axis Reorientation and Additional Offerings
Ridge-top 72

Chapter 15. Who Were these People?
The Sky Above and the Earth Below
Community as Cosmos
The Leaders of Early Cahokia

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Appendix A: Sequential Stages of Mound 72
Appendix B: Mound 72 Burials by Number
Appendix C: Rimsherds from Burials, Features, and Mound Fill of Mound 72
Appendix D: Vessel Form and Types from Mound 72
Appendix E: Lithics
Appendix F: Non-Projectile Point Artifact Category Descriptions,
Grouped by General Lithic Industry
Appendix G: Features at Mound 72
Appendix H: Chunkey Stone Descriptions
Appendix I. Shell Beads
Appendix J: Analysis of Faunal Materials Recovered from the 1968 and
1970 Excavations of Mound 72
Appendix K: The Jondro Mound - Number 78 - at Cahokia