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Mounds, Modoc, and MesoamericaMounds, Modoc, and Mesoamerica: Papers in Honor of Melvin L. Fowler.
Edited by Steven R. Ahler

Illinois State Museum Scientific Papers, Vol. 28
ISBN 0897921615, 522 pages

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Table of Contents

Preface (Steven R. Ahler)

1. An introduction to Melvin L. Fowler (Elizabeth D. Benchley and Steven R. Ahler)

2. The significance of Early radiocarbon dates on extinct bison priscus bones from Engigstciak, Yukon Arctic Coast (Richard S. MacNeish)

3. Changing perspectives on the archaic: contributions from Modoc Rock Shelter (Bonnie W. Styles and Steven R. Ahler)

4. Archaic escargot: a consideration of evidence for snails as a human food source at Modoc Rock Shelter, Illinois (James L. Theler)

5. Postmolds and possible domestic structures at Modoc Rock Shelter, Illinois (Steven R. Ahler)

6. Time-trend analysis of Lake Woodland pottery from Western Illinois (Blane H. Nansel and William Green)

7. Belief and ritual in prehispanic water management among the Northern Lowland Maya (Linda Forman)

8. Geomorphology and ancient cultural landscapes of Southern Veracruz (Ann Cyphers and Mario Arturo Ortiz)

9. Implications of a buried preclassic site in Western Belize (George R. Holley, Rinita A. Dalan, William I. Woods, and Harold W. Waters)

10. Mounds 65 and 66 at Cahokia: additional details of the 1927 excavations (Timothy R. Pauketat and Alex W. Barker)

11. The Grassy Lake Site: an historical and archaelogical overview (John E. Kelly)

12. Settlement patterns and cultural ecology in the Southern American Bottom (Sissel Schroeder)

13. Mississippian ritual as viewed through the practice of secondary disposal of the dead (Lynne Goldstein)

14. Human and nonhuman surplus display at Mound 72, Cahokia (Paula J. Porubcan)

15. Sacred landscapes at Cahokia: Mount 72 and the Mound 72 Precinct (Robert J. Watson)

16. Sacrificed foursomes and green corn ceremonialism (Robert L. Hall)

17. Mississippian Mound orientations and solar calendar (Elizabeth D. Benchley)

18. The Washington Irving Site: Langford tradition adaptation in Northern Illinois (Robert J. Jeske)

19. Inside Morton House 7: an Oneota structure from the Central Illinois River Valley (Alan D. Ham and Nicholas W. Klobuchar)

20. Archeobotanical summary of House 7 and five Oneota features from the Morton Site (11Fv19), Fulton County, Illinois (Marjorie B. Schroeder)

21. Social interaction between the American Bottom of Cahokia and the Crowley's Ridge Lowlands Division of the Lower Mississippi River a.d. 800-1200 (Dan F. Morse and Phyllis A. Morse)

22. Turquoise, rasps, and heartlines: the Oneota Bison Pull (Robert F. Boszhardt)

23. Patterns of Oneota settlement within the middle portion of the Upper Mississippi Valley (Roland L. Rodell)

24. Cultural dynamics of the Late Prehistoric Period in Southern Wisconsin (David F. Overstreet)

25. A reconsideration of the cultural processes linking Cahokia to its northern hinterlands during the period a.d. 1000-1200 (James B. Stoltman)

26. Fluorite figurines from the midcontinent (Thomas R. Wolforth and Lynne Mackin Wolforth)

27. Cahokia and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (James Brown and John Kelly)

28. Serpents, female deities, and fertility symbolism in the early Cahokian countryside (Thomas E. Emerson, Brad Koldehoff, and Timothy R. Pauketat)