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The Cahokia MoundsThe Cahokia Mounds (Classics in Southeastern Archaeology).
Warren K. Moorehead
Edited & with an Introduction by John E. Kelly

University of Alabama Press

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Book Description From the Back Cover

"...This book is a report of archaeological investigations conducted at Cahokia from 1921 to 1927 by Warren K. Moorehead, who confirmed that the mounds were built by indigenous peoples and who worked to assure preservation of the site. The volume includes Moorehead's final 1929 report along with portions of two preliminary reports, covering both Cahokia and..." Read More

Table of Contents

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Note on this Edition

Introduction by John E. Kelly


The Cahokia Mounds: A Preliminary Paper (1922)

The Cahokia Mounds: Part I, A Report of Progress and Part II, Some Geological Aspects (1923)

The Cahokia Mounds (1929)


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