PARC Book Catalog (Ramey Vessel)

Why should I buy books from you when I can go to Amazon or other large Internet retailers?

We believe there are several convincing reasons:

  1. Preserving Archaeological Sites. All proceeds from the sale of the books in this catalog go toward the salvaging of archaeological sites that are undergoing destruction as the result of development in the American Bottom region of Illinois.
  2. Find Books in Stock. Since many of the books in our catalog are specifically related to archaeology in the Midwest, larger book retailers may not have the books we carry in stock.
  3. Save money. A number of our titles are discounted and are generally not so at the larger online booksellers.
  4. Personal Contact. Unlike the larger retailers where you are forced to contact a faceless entity, you can contact us personally via email if you have any questions. See the email link below.
  5. Reputable Service. You are guaranteed quality service when you order through us.