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Aboriginal Ritual and Economy in the Eastern Woodlands: Essays in Memory of Howard Dalton WintersAboriginal Ritual and Economy in the Eastern Woodlands: Essays in Memory of Howard Dalton Winters
Edited by Anne-Marie Cantwell, Lawrence A. Conrad, and Jonathan R. Reyman

Illinois State Museum Scientific Papers, Vol 30
Kampsville Studies in Archaeology and History, Volume 5
ISBN 0-89792-165-8

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Anne-Marie Cantwell and Lawrence A. Conrad

Part One: Howard Dalton Winters

  • Howard Dalton Winters by Anne-Marie Cantwell
  • Howard Dalton Winters: The Early Years, 1950 to 1962 by Melvin L. Fowler
  • Howard Dalton Winters, Museum Excavator by Nan A. Rothschild
  • Memories of Howard Dalton Winters by Dan F. Morse
  • Building Independent Archaeological Institutions in Late-Twentieth Century America by Stuart Struever
  • Social Duality, Psychometric Dimorphism, and Uncommon Valor: Three Decades of Howard Dalton Winters at Dickson Mounds by Alan D. Harn
  • Memories of Dr. Howard Dalton Winters by William and Ellen Gust and Mollie Gust
  • Howard Dalton Winters: A Remembrance of an Early Mentor by Jonathan E. Reyman

Part Two: The Paleoindian and Archaic Periods

  • Settling In: Hunter-Gatherer Mobility During the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in the Central Mississippi Valley by Brad Koldehoff and John A. Walthall
  • An Analysis of Plummets in the Lower Illinois River Valley by Lynne Goldstein
  • The Green River Shell Mound Archaic: Interpretive Trajectories by William H. Marquardt and Patty Jo Watson
  • Riverton Plant Remains and Terminal Archaic Crops by Richard A. Yarnell

Part Three: The Early and Middle Woodland Periods

  • Marion Culture (Early Woodland) Occupations in the Wabash and White River Valleys, Indiana, and East-Central Illinois by Patrick J. Munson and Cheryl Ann Munson
  • Mound City and Issues in the Developmental History of Hopewell Culture in the Ross County Area of Southern Ohio by James Brown
  • Observations on the Occurrence of Middle Woodland Knife River Flint in Western Illinois by Lawrence A. Conrad
  • Illinois Platform Pipes and Hopewellian Exchange: A Mineralogical Study of Archaeological Remains by Kenneth B. Farnsworth, Thomas E. Berres, Randall E. Hughes, and Duane M. Moore
  • Testing Winters' Model for Chronology and Structural Complexity at the Mound House Site by Jane E. Buikstra and Douglas K. Charles
  • White Hall Phase Ceramics and the End of Havana in the Lower Illinois Valley by Eugene J. Boesch
  • The Havana Socioeconomy and Its Fall: Testing Winters' Model with White-Tailed Deer Remains from the Baehr-Gust Site by Julie Zimmermann Holt

Part Four: The Mississippian Period

  • Some Owl Effgies from the Kincaid Mounds Region: Or Why the Professional Should Give a Hoot About the Amateur Archaeologist by Robert B. Pickering and Frank E. Rackerby
  • The Mitchell Mound Center: Then and Now by John E. Kelly

Part Five: The Illinois and Southeastern Indians

  • Linking History and Prehistory in the Midcontinent: Archaeological Investigations at Marquette and Jolliet's "Peouarea" by Kathleen L. Ehrhardt
  • Adair's "Marsh-mallows": An Eighteenth-Century Native American Cornfield Crop in the Southeastern United States by David L. Asch